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The dilemma One of my best friends from my teenage years was recently incarcerated for having sexual relations with someone under the legal age. Sleeping with my BFF and roommate was amazing—until it wasn't. So why did I do it all over again with another best friend?. Katie had been my best friend since childhood.

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Obviously taking friendship to the next level tends to go wrong for a lot of people, for us, it made our friendship even stronger. I've had an enormous crush on my best friend since the first time we met and For me, sex with someone new can be quite daunting and it requires a lot of trust. To maintain a friendship after sex is ambiguous.

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I MEANT just to comfort my best friend, who was very upset about her boyfriend — but we ended up having incredible sex and now I am torn between her and my girlfriend. Well, have you ever had sex with your friend? Sure, sex to do with it. So I lost a best friend who used to sext me because I acted on some of her sext fantasies. Barbecue sauce is to thank for my first friends-with-benefits situation.

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I'm writing to you out of embarrassment because I feel I have no one else to talk to and because I can't bring myself to tell anyone I'm close to about this. I am a female in my 20s who recently met a man around the same age through one of my best friends. She introduced me to him at a party, saying he was a friend of hers.

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The one you know you love, the one you know means you have a decision coming your way — are you about to have sex with your friend? I don't have a best friend but a group of friends and I slept with one of them. For me, it felt better than anyone else I've ever had sex with. You did it.

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My First Time is a column and podcast series exploring sexuality, gender, and kink with the wide-eyed curiosity of a virgin. But she was my best friend and any inappropriate thoughts I had I I could tell you about the confessions and the kissing and the sex in places. If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you.

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Do you have a friend who you've thought at times could be more than a friend? Walking away would be understandable but in our morally hysterical times, yours is a courageous stance, says Mariella Frostrup. Plus, sex with your friend in a no strings attached relationship always complicates things and someone ALWAYS gets attached.

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In college, you'll make your college friends — and perhaps your future best men. At work, you have work friends. If you're a guy, it's completely fine to have a female best friend.

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I MET MAT THE summer after my sophomore year in college, when I was interning in San Francisco and he had just transferred to UC Berkeley.

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