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Jump to content. The Cromwell B plays nearly identically to the standard Cromwell, being able to be used as either an aggressive flanker or a mid-range support. This is particularly challenging for players who have hit a ceiling in terms of their measurable performance e.

Jump to content. Cromwell B is the better cromwell as well, Its no contest. . Also, it really doesn't mind the +2 matchmaking and feels comfortable in tier VIII. Source: QuickyBabyTV.

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Jump to content. Matchmaking Cromwell B. VIturret. Cromwell Mk. IV and into Germany, and eventually took part in the Victory Parade on September 7, , in Berlin. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 3.

Jump to content. I'm pleased to report that unlike many other premium tanks, these do not suffer from having poor engines or low pen guns compared to their regular counterparts! So to briefly sum up: if you like the regular versions of these tanks you'll really like these premiums. My Youtube Channel: AgingJedi.

They seemed to have given the gun the stats of the 75mm HV rather than the low velocity gun that it looks like. EDIT2: you know what they did not say about the Cromwell B? That it has EDIT4: Oh Rudy, I guess we'll see eachother more in t6 strongholds when I'm bored of the Berlin. . THe WoTonymous group meets every evening:)) Keep in mind there's the 'new tank' preferred matchmaking, where you'll see. We saw releases for tank lines in the same manner as PC, even down to order.

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Jump to content. well I'm sure the Cromwell and Cromwell B are good but I'd give up some . who knows how it would play on blitz with the lower matchmaking. Jump to content.

Weak points of Cromwell. Orange - commander, gunner, loader. Red - engine, fuel, transmission. Green - vulnerable zones. White - ammo rack. Blue - driver.

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Jul 15, Just finished my first game session in the Cromwell B, matchmaking was a bit unlucky with some games against Valiant and AW platoons.


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